Last tuesday I finally had the chance to see seahaven live.

and my somewhat high expectations where completely fulfilled!

The story so far where ok too.

but still, not really my cup of tea ….

First rehearsel in over two months, studio in november.

Feels great

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Title: These Rare Moments Artist: Jungbluth 0 keer afgespeeld

Why o why didn’t i find out about this earlier.

Best band discovery I’ve had in a long whyle.


Things I want to do next the couple of weeks: go to a shitload of shows and play drums.

What I’m actually doing these next couple of weeks: study for my exams.

but on the other hand

studio time is booked for mid november, so first time recording music in a professional studio.

Good times ahead

Title: Cold Rain Artist: Comadre 1.897 keer afgespeeld

Comadre - Cold Rain

She said, with the cancer-curing voice of an angel,
That “I bet the rain is colder when you’re standing next to me.”

Just Exist

I think I like the new Touché Amoré song.

Not sure about it though.

The mixing is a bit, …. sloppy?

Good weekend

Went to Vlamrock

Got Oathbreaker - Eros/Anteros LP.

Circle Takes The Square !!

Becouse last weeks sunday was way more fun than this weeks sunday.